in-cyprusNew protocols for beauty centres ahead of May 21 reopening

New protocols for beauty centres ahead of May 21 reopening

The Health Ministry on Friday unveiled new hygiene rules that will come into force when beauty centres reopen on May 21 to help protect against the spread of coronavirus.

  1. General preventive measures:

General preventive actions, such as training staff on how Covid-19 spreads so that they can recognise symptoms and guidance on reporting symptoms . There are rules also preventing crowding at the premises. The one person per eight square metres rule applies (including clients, staff and any companions). Companions should be prohibited for the time being.

Moreover, there must be at leas a two metre distance between clients and where this is not possible, separations must be erected.

There must be disinfectant at the entrance and exit and there are instructions also as regards the toilets. Dustbins must have a cover an operate with a foot pedal.

Managers must ensure there are single use towels and protective clothing for staff. The temperature of staff must be taken before they start work and if they have a fever they must leave and contact their personal doctor.

Clients should be asked to wear a mask (to the extent possible). This does not apply for facial treatments.

There must be signs informing clients not to enter if they feel unwell or have Covid-19 like symptoms.

Staff dealing with clients should restrict conversation as much as possible and the area and work organised in such a way so that clients remain the least time possible.

  • Only by appointment.
  • In telephone exchanges to set up an appointment, clients must be informed not to come if they feel unwell or have Covid-19 like symptoms. It is best they come alone.
  • Businesses must have a list of appointments which may be checked and must be retained for at least 20 days
  • Personal protective equipment such as masks, disposable gloves and work robes should be provided to staff
  • Special care is needed in ventilating the premises. The use of a/c must be avoided and there must be adequate and continuous fresh air at the premises
  • no reading material for common use
  • no testers/samples in the waiting area for common use
  • the work bed/table must be covered with paper or single use sheet
  • after each client the area must be disinfected. Equipment must be  sterilised
  • the bed/seat must be disinfected and towels must be removed to a hermetically sealed storage area and washed at high temperature
  • no drinks or snacks allowed to be offered to clients
  • no promotions which may extend the time
  • reduce use of cash and promote contactless transactions
  • staff and clients must comply with Health Ministry decrees

2. Instructions for cleaning and disinfection for cleaning staff. Instructions are for frequent and thorough cleaning of common use objects, surfaces, handles etc.  Gloves must be single use, rubbish bags must be tightly tied and removed immediately. Special care must be shown in cleaning objects and surfaces which have come into contact with an individual who has shown symptoms.

3. Personal hygiene instructions to employees. All must comply with these rules and wash their hands regularly. Staff must wear a mask and gloves. Staff who have symptoms should not come to work. The ministry sets out instructions on proper use of masks and gloves.

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