in-cyprusMunicipality says 'irresponsible citizens' to blame for Karnayo eyesore

Municipality says ‘irresponsible citizens’ to blame for Karnayo eyesore

Limassol Municipality said on Monday that  irresponsible citizens are to blame for  turning Karnayo into a dumping ground, despite its best efforts to keep the area clean.

Commenting on reports highlighting the problems in the area between Limassol’s old and new ports, the municipality said that the area was not classified as a bathing area. Cleanliness was the joint responsibility of the municipality and Limassol district office, it added.

“Limassol Municipality regularly, nearly once a week, cleans up the area near the beach from discarded items, which regrettably because of the remote nature of the area, are left by irresponsible citizens,” it said.

It added that the empty plots of land close by are cleaned by the municipality every summer and the costs covered by the owners.

And it said that organised clean-up campaigns of the specific beach are organised regularly by the municipality with other groups such as schools and companies.

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