in-cyprus"Ivory all day concept": where the tastes of 3 continents meet...

“Ivory all day concept”: where the tastes of 3 continents meet…

A leading global culinary trend for years – the fusion of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine – continues to evolve and win hearts (rather bellies). The main features of this adorable hybrid are fresh ingredients and minimal cooking, therefore the dishes have a genuine unchanged taste of ingredients that are cooked and combined in a way which emphasises their flavours. The unique concept of the “Ivory all day concept” unites the culinary cultures of the three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa.

Andreas Andreou, talented chef, knows very well about those trends thus he used them as a main line of the restaurant’ menu and enriched them with his signature ideas.

What’s unusual about this restaurant? The menu changes at noon every day!

Experience the dishes paired with some of the most scandalous drinks & cocktails. This place is open for breakfast, lunch & dinner – and brunch on weekends. Joyful and lush by day, the place gets dazzlingly sexy at night.

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10 Iasonos str.
Nicosia, Cyprus 1082
Highlights info row image 22 778807


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