in-cyprusIntercommunal Pride in Nicosia on June 18

Intercommunal Pride in Nicosia on June 18

On Saturday June 18, LGBTQI+ people from all around Cyprus and beyond are gathering and marching for their rights in Nicosia. For the first time in Cyprus, LGBTQI+ organisations and communities across the island are coming together and joining forces for an intercommunal, self-organised, self-funded, grassroots Pride with the slogan “United by Pride”. For the community, by the community.
The event is co-hosted by Queer Collective Cy, Queer Cyprus Association, LGBT-PILIPINAS, LGBT Africa and LGBTQIA+ & Allies Students Club of University of Cyprus.
It is important to create a platform of solidarity among LGBTQI+ people, communities and organisations in Cyprus in order to strengthen each other’s voices and celebrate our diversity.
‘United by Pride’ will start at 18:00 with two separate marches in Nicosia.
The two starting points will be:
a) Eleftheria Square/Liberty Square
b) Kuğulu Park
Both marches will end at Home for Cooperation, in the Buffer Zone for an after-march street party concluding at 23:00.
Everyone is invited to march and support human rights for LGBTQI+ people in Cyprus.
Keep in touch on what’s coming up and how you could further contribute on this day.
When Saturday, June 18 at 6 pm
Eleftheria Square/Liberty Square
Kuğulu Park

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