in-cyprusINSIDER’S GUIDE CYPRUS: Get the app!


The hugely successful bilingual publication INSIDER’S GUIDE CYPRUS, a 240 pages guide about travelling, hotels and sightseeing in Cyprus with additional info and tips on restaurants and wineries on the island, now on app for Android and IOS.

The 120 proposed restaurants are locally reviewed and rated on a yearly basis. In other words, the Guide is the only Gastronomy Guide in which actually rates local gastronomy. It also presents the 24 Cyprus Best Restaurants Awards – toques d’or – 2019.

The Guide is the outcome of a new company (Elxi Ltd) which was founded after the biggest publishing company in Cyprus (PHILELEFTHEROS LTD) joined forces with a group of people with a long presence in the world of publishing (ATHINORAMA), and a vast experience in gastronomy, food reviews, as well as reviewing and rating restaurants.

Download the app for Android and IOS and discover the beauty of Cyprus.

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