in-cyprusGESY will soon provide nurses for home care

GESY will soon provide nurses for home care

Social nursing is still among the pending issues of the National Health System GESY since even though the specific services are now included in GESY and most general and psychiatric health nurses have jointed GESY, in practice the said services are not available yet.

The reason is that the Health Insurance Organization and the State Health Services Organization (OKYpY) to which 80% of the social nurses belong have not yet signed an agreement.

Of course, according to O Phileleftheros information, the problem will end in the next few days since OKYpY has sent its final proposal which is already under examination.

Beneficiaries will have access to come care nurses after the issue of a referral by their personal doctor. They will then be able to choose the nurse they prefer from the list of GESY participants.

GESY will cover from one to maximum 12 visits annually depending on the patient’s needs.

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