in-cyprusFrustrations mount in Parekklisia as Green Point overflows with trash

Frustrations mount in Parekklisia as Green Point overflows with trash

Local authorities in Parekklisia have expressed frustration over the government’s failure to address problems created with the opening of a Green Point in their community that has been overrun with rubbish.

They are angry that the site is being used to dump all types of rubbish because of the absence of checks,  Parekklisia community leader Socratis Pavlou said.

“We have received a lot of complaints recently from people in our community and people from nearby communities . They blame us for the current situation at the Green Point which has become a massive rubbish tip,” said Pavlou.

The Pareklissia community leader added: “We are doing what we can to remove as much rubbish as possible at our expense, however this situation cannot continue. We need people to act.”

Pavlou blamed the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment for failure to take citizens’ frustrations into account and urged authorities to take action to resolve the problem.

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