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“Enough is enough! Stop violence against women!” Protest action in Nicosia on November 26

1 in 3 women has experienced violence in her life.
1 in 5 experienced rape.
137 women are killed per day all over the world.
These numbers every year go up instead of down.
Conservative forces are in or are coming to power and an attack on women’s rights is on their agenda. From the right to abortion that was taken back this summer in the US, to the right to life that was taken from Mahsa Amini because of a lock of hair being seen out of her headscarf.
All over the planet gendered violence is rising on the streets, in houses, and in workplaces. Perpetrators are let go without real punishment.
Women are regarded as “second-class citizens” “property” and “inferior” to men even if we have won many rights and many changes in the legal system, through decades of struggles.
Violence against women, LGBTQ people, immigrants, and workers that dare to fight and demand their rights. We have to stop it. Enough is enough.
Iranian women can be an immense source of inspiration. Since the murder of Mahsa Amini women dared to take to the streets, burn their headscarves, cut their hair, and answer back to the theocratic regime.
The murder of Mahsa Amini was the last straw of 44 years of oppression by a theocratic dictatorship. The Iranian women are leading the revolution. The movement ignited ongoing nationwide protests and strikes joined by the rest of the Iranian people against the Islamic regime that deprived them of their basic human rights.
We walk together with them, in Cyprus and in the world for another society, a society of democracy, respect, equality and solidarity.
On Saturday, November 26 feminist collectives from all over the island, and groups of Iranian women from Iran, will meet in Eleftherias Square, at 12 pm and walk through the city roads to say:
Enough is enough! Stop violence against women

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