in-cyprusCTO survey shows highest prices at Limassol's beaches

CTO survey shows highest prices at Limassol’s beaches

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation on Friday published its annual price observatory for beach establishments, showing fluctuations of the cheapest to the most expensive that in some cases are as large as 400%.

Limassol emerged the costliest with a bottle of water costing as much as €4  and a small beer €8 — indicative of the fact that the price observatory covers all kinds of establishments ranging from small kiosks to five star hotels and luxury restaurants. A burger with fries at two Limassol restaurants will set you back €17.

The price observatory shows — excluding the luxury five star hotels — little fluctuation in the Protaras and Ayia Napa area,

Larnaca has competitive prices, with the exception of the Mackenzie area.

The price observatory covers water (half and one litre bottles), orange juice, a frappe coffee, Cypriot coffee, soft drinks, local beer and a burger and fries.

The CTO said the survey covered a total of 151 beach establishments. It also announced the operation of a hot line for consumer complaints that is open until 10.00 pm every day, including weekends on 22691111.

The survey is by district. Prices for 500 ml of water range from €0.50 to €4,  while a frappe can cost anything between €2 to €6.50. The cheapest beer is €2.

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