EUEducation"Children Drawing Cyprus": art contest by CVAR

“Children Drawing Cyprus”: art contest by CVAR

The Centre of Visual Arts and Research (CVAR), celebrating International Museum Day, announces a Tourism Poster Art Contest for children aged 6-12 titled: ‘Children Drawing Cyprus’
The contest is supported by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism. The Deputy Ministry offers prizes, free hotel stays for the whole family and souvenirs from the Cyprus Handicraft Centre. The contest is sponsored by the company Axia Chartered Surveyors.
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The subject of the contest is drawn from posters in CVAR’s collections dating from the mid-20th century and created to advertise Cyprus as a tourist destination.
The deadline for the contest is 18 June 2021.
For more information follow this link (in Greek) or contact CVAR at [email protected]
Main picture: demetrisvetsikas

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