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Charalambides Christis: The oldest dairy industry

Charalambides Christis was forged through the merging of the two biggest industries in Cyprus, dairies Charalambides LTD and Christies dairies LTD. They are the oldest in the dairy field in Cyprus, with each charting its own history.

The Charalambides history goes back to 1945, when Takis Charalambides and his son in law Evris Nicolaides, in Ayioi Omologites, started a milk trade out of his home, with a single cow forming the basis of a successful course.
Christis was established much later, in 1961, by Christis Yiorgallides, through a standard of innovation and modern production methods. Their starting point was a small milk pasteurisation factory in the center of Limassol.

“The history and heritage of the two companies are indeed a point of reference in the growth of Charalambides Christis. They are a timeless value, with respect, inspiration and development,” says Alexis Charalambides, head of the company’s executive board.

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