in-cyprusAsphalt production plants to be relocated

Asphalt production plants to be relocated

A meeting was held today at the Presidential Palace chaired by the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiades to discuss the issue of the operation of asphalt production plants in the areas of Geri and Tseri which affect the surrounding communities and municipalities, including the municipality of Dali and the community of Pera Chorio Nisou.

A written statement by the gvt. spokesman, Kyriakos Kousios, said that after creative discussion a unanimous decision was reached for the relocation of the asphalt production plants.

The relocation process will begin immediately and is expected to be completed within eight months.

President Anastasiades expresses his satisfaction in the positive outcome of the meeting and the resolution of the issue which will contribute to the quality of life of the affected citizens.

Source: Philenews

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