in-cyprusAradippou mayor apologises for church attendance

Aradippou mayor apologises for church attendance

Aradippou Mayor Evangelos Evangelides on Monday extended an explanation and an apology for attending a service at Apostolos Loukas church on Saturday morning.

The mayor was caught on live stream taking Holy Communion at the church, in violation of decrees which prohibit members of the public from attending church services.

Reports in the media prompted police to investigate. The mayor was fined for breaking the decree while an investigation is underway whether other people had committed an offence.

In a post on his Facebook page on Monday evening, Evangelides said he had no intention of disrespecting the decree and the laws, or any member of the public who would have wanted to be in church on the Saturday morning.

“For all those who felt in this way, I sincerely apologise,” he said.

Evangelides said he had gone to church in the morning to see that everything was going smoothly, and was asked by the priests to help out with something.

Update: Aradippou mayor fined for taking Holy Communion (video)

The empty church moved him, and he felt the need to stay, he said.

“In an emotional state because of the absence of the faithful and  happiness of the Resurrection, I took Holy Communion. I understand, this bothered people,” he said.

The mayor said that he wanted to take responsibility for his action and apologise.

He expressed respect to police and said he had no objection as to way they handled the case since he never believed that those in public office are above the law.

But he said he was saddened by comments and claims which he would not answer as protests were to be respected.

He expressed the hope that Cyprus will soon emerge from the coronavirus crisis and said he was optimistic as in the past week, Aradippou had managed to contain the outbreak.

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