DiscoverHealthA controlled return to sports post-quarantine for fans...

A controlled return to sports post-quarantine for fans…

A lengthy announcement has been issued by the Ministry of Health, which includes all the instructions in view of the new season in sports. There are amongst other things relevant tips for using the toilets, the availability of tickets, as well as the classification of the fans. In regards to football, a differing protocol will apply which will be announced in the coming days.

In a nutshell here are some general guidelines and precautions that will be taken:

– The manager of the sports venue will keep for at least 60 days a file with the names, and ID number or telephone number of each spectator who comes to watch a sports match or training. For this purpose, incoming spectators will be required to complete a form, with the name, telephone or ID number, date, time and place they arrived as spectators at the sports facility. The Administrator ensures that this information is kept for COVID-19 tracking purposes alone and is kept secure and confidential, in accordance with the relevant Privacy Policy.

– The manager of the sports venue has appropriate procedures in place in order to avoid the gathering of spectators from different matches.

– The manager of the sports field is obliged to provide the employees with the necessary personal protective equipment.

– It is not recommended that people attend sports venues as spectators if they belong to any group vulnerable to Covid-19.

– Indoors, where there are windows, will remain open throughout the match and/or training session.

Source: Philenews

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