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How many years are people expected to work?

In 2018, the expected duration of the working life of people in Cyprus  (i.e. the number of years that 15-year-olds are expected to work in their life) was 37.1 years, above the EU 28 average of 36.2 years, according to figures published by Eurostat on Friday.

For men in Cyprus it was 39.9 years and for women it was 34.1 years. In 2017, the expected working life of Cypriots was 36.3 years and in 2000 it was 36.8 years.

Eurostat said that the EU average of 36.2 years is 0.3 years longer than in 2017 and 3.3 years longer than in 2000.

Men are expected to work longer than women: on average, the expected working life for men in the EU is 38.6 years and for women 33.7.

The expected duration of working life varied among Member States, ranging from 31.8 years in Italy, 32.4 in Croatia and 32.9 in Greece to 39.9 years in Denmark, 40.5 in the Netherlands and 41.9 in Sweden.

The source dataset is accessible here.

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