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House Education Committee preparing for Brexit

Members of the House Education Committee have drafted a set of regulatory amendments to ensure a smooth Brexit transition for the education sector.

The MPs amended two regulations, in order to safeguard agreements between Cyprus and the UK on the mutual recognition of their universities.

According to House Education Committee president Kyriacos Hadjiyiannis, the amendments will be forwarded to the House president and the parties, which will be asked to decide whether to send them to the plenary to be voted, as the Brexit outcome remains uncertain.

Hadjiyiannis explained that parliament can pass the amendments and leave it to the President’s discretion to choose whether they will be implemented, according to developments on Brexit.

When asked about the status of Cypriot students in the UK, Hadjiyiannis said that loans of current students will not be affected, however the situation for future students remains unknown.

Ongoing EU programmes such as Erasmus, will not be affected, he said.

He added that students are free to choose where to study and can consider doing so in other member-states.

Asked about the future of Greek Cypriot schools in the U.K., which are partly funded by Britain, Hadjiyiannis replied that he was not aware how will they be affected, however he said that there are other agreements safeguarding minority rights other than at the EU level, in which Britain participates.

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