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Home deliveries by supermarkets permitted on Sundays

Police have clarified that although supermarkets must remain closed to the public on Sundays under the lock down, they can continue to take online  and telephone orders and make home deliveries.

The clarification was given to the Employers and Industrialists Federation which had sought guidance on the issue.

Under the lock down decree as amended earlier this week, food and drinks retail businesses must close to the public on Sundays — a move which had generated some criticism from their association which said it feared this may lead to overcrowding on other days.

Police clarified that shops must remain closed and the public is prohibited from going.

But home deliveries after online or telephone orders can continue, provided all the other restrictive measures stipulated in the decree are adhered to.

But this does not mean the public can go to the premises to pick them up from there, police added.

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The Employers and Industrialists Federation welcomed police’s response.

“Our only objective is the correct adherence to obligations by businesses for the protection of the health of employees and the public, but also to maintain economic activity wherever possible without risk to health so as to make it possible to restart the economy when the epidemic is under control,” it said.

The federation appealed to all companies to comply with all the rules.

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