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HIO issues instructions to beneficiaries for contacting PD for Covid symptoms

The Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) issued on Wednesday instructions for Gesy beneficiaries regarding communication with their Personal Doctor (PD) to report Covid-19 symptoms.

As per the announcement, beneficiaries are advised the following:

  1. If a beneficiary presents symptoms that are compatible with Coronavirus infection (acute respiratory infection with symptoms such as general malaise and / or fever, and / or dry cough, and / or myalgia and / or dyspnea and / or chest pain) they should contact their Personal Doctor by telephone, who will provide them with relevant instructions.
  2. The Personal Doctor will take the necessary steps to arrange a coronavirus test, if that adheres relevant instructions by the Ministry of Health. The beneficiary will be notified for taking the test — given it is deemed necessary — by the Health Ministry’s competent services. The test is conducted free of charge to beneficiaries given that the above procedure is adhered to.
  3. Beneficiaries are asked to not use the 1420 line to arrange appointments at public healthcare centres or to take a Coronavirus test, as this is only possible ONLY via their Personal Doctor. In addition, where a beneficiary has taken the test, they should not contact 1420 to find out the result, as that will be communicated to them via telephone by the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit or by SMS.
  4. If a beneficiary is found positive to Coronavirus, then the Personal Doctor will be responsible for the guidance, treatment and finally the reintegration of the beneficiary into the community as per the protocol.

It was added that if the doctor decides that a phone call concerns an emergency that is unrelated to Coronavirus, then they may arrange an in person appointment with the beneficiary at their office.

Finally, HIO advised that as the PD’s role is of vital importance to managing the outbreak, beneficiaries are called to inform Gesy if they are unable to reach their PD or their replacement by calling Gesy’s call centre on 17000 (free call) or by email to [email protected] mentioning the name of their doctor or their replacement and their own details so that HIO can investigate.

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