NewsLocalHeatwave has hit Europe, including Cyprus

Heatwave has hit Europe, including Cyprus

A heatwave has hit Europe, including Cyprus, and just as Athens and Madrid made wearing masks compulsory to prevent a surge in coronavirus infections.

Temperatures soared across Europe, heading above 40 Celsius in places, and with meteorologists in Cyprus forecasting 43 C inland by noon on Friday.

On Cyprus, the heatwave hit earlier this week, with temperatures already up in the 40s since Monday.

The extreme heat is added to the health warnings of a continent already taking fresh measures to rein in a potential second wave of coronavirus infections.

In Rome, where the temperature hit 38C on Thursday and was set to go to 39C on Friday, authorities told the elderly and children not to go out in the hottest part of the day.

The Swiss weather agency advised people to drink plenty of water, eat cool dishes and avoid physical exertion.

Back in Madrid, the uncomfortable combination of heat and face masks was driving home the importance of following health advice.


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