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Health services find carcinogens, mould in products

During scheduled inspections for the festive season, the Health Services discovered a number of products containing mould and carcinogens, director Alvertos Karris said.

Specifically, Service officials found mould in dairy, chocolate, bakery, cured meat products as well as in sweets, dried fruit, olive oil and canned products in supermarkets, which have since been withdrawn.

Also, they found high levels of the carcinogen aflatoxin in the warehouses of a local producer and have confiscated 4,600 kg of products, which will not be allowed to enter the market.

The Services, have confiscated another 300 kg of dried apricots which were found containing conservatives over the legal limit, Karris said.

From December 3 to January 4, the department will be conducting scheduled inspections in businesses which are particularly busy during the festive season, such as supermarkets, bakeries and patisseries, Karris explained.

The public should be careful in its purchases and should always contact the Health Services if it sees something that compromises food safety, he concluded.

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