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Health Minister’s advisor on controlled exit from lockdown

The lifting of the restrictive measures and the exit from the current lockdown have to be dynamic and it is up to each and every one of us to contribute so that we will successful in this phase of the pandemic, as we were during the first one, Dr. Zoi Dorothea Pana, advisor of the Health Minister on the coronavirus pandemic, told O Phileleftheros.

She explained that recently a firm improvement of the epidemiological situation is being noticed, but pointed out that the image in hospitals is still crucial. She added that the target of the last restrictive measures is to give a breather to the health system, which was under tremendous pressure.

She noted that the pandemic is something unprecedented so constant monitoring is needed both locally and all over Europe.

Furthermore, she said that the scientific community is mostly concerned about the people’s fatigue, about financial and psychological consequences and about the fact that not much is known about this virus.

However, she appeared convinced that Cyprus will manage to get through and stressed that cooperation for our common goal is of utmost importance.

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