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Hamam Omerye

Bath Services
At Hamam Omerye in the old town of Nicosia you will encounter the history of traditional bathing, 1570-71. The bath, a warm space with the impressive dome, the polygonal marble bench, the carved troughs with the running waters of the traditional fountains, add to the whole ritual of the original washcloth as it once was. The heat helps with the opening of your pores and eliminating toxins. The skin clearer with a fresh and new look, increases the sense of calmness and well-being. Oriental tea, lokum (Turkish delight), sweets and …. lullabies that put you to sleep!

Cabin Services
With knowledge in utmost comfort, the elegantly renovated Cabins at Hamam Omerye were designed with respect to history (from 1570-71) and tradition. A place where harmony meets health. A place where moments of relaxation become unique with the special experience of specialised therapists.

The History of Hamam
The Hamam has had a timeless value since its establishment and continues to be a number one choice, a pole of attraction for people who wish to be healthy and well. From the olden days, Hamams have played a definitive role in the structure of cultures seen as they where used as a meeting place for social gatherings, body and soul purification and relaxation. They also served for practical sanitary needs due to the fact that few homes had the comfort of a bath. Hamams were the first buildings that the Ottoman Turks built in a city as it was an important area used for the everyday life of its inhabitants. Yet, the Turkish baths were not discovered by the Ottomans since they have existed since the Greek and Roman antiquity and the Byzantine Empire. For hundreds of years, the tradition of the Turkish baths was integrated into the multicultural mosaic of Greece and was necessary in the everyday life of its citizens. Then came the logic of modernism and the Western way of life, which gradually erased the memories, values and traditions associated with Hamams.

Today, the philosophy of the Turkish bath has become more and more fascinating seeing as it is an experiential escape from everyday life. At HAMAM OMERYE, set within the heart Nicosia’s old town, you will come face to face with history. From 1570-71 until today, the bath, a warm space with an impressive dome, a polygonal marble bench and carved troughs with the running waters descending from traditional fountains constitutes a traditional ritual.

8 Tyllirias Square
Nicosia 1016 ,
+357 22 460006

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