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Hairdressers, beauticians in high demand in view of imminent lockdown

Hairdressers and beauticians have recorded a sharp increase in clientele this week due to the island’s expected imminent lockdown aiming to curb the coronavirus spread, according to Philenews.

Some hairdressers were ‘forced’ to open on Thursday which is the sector’s designated holiday while a number of beauticians in high demand opted to work even on Wednesday – Epiphany Day, it added.

Nakis Pantelides who heads the Cyprus Association of Hairdressers and Barbers said: “Indisputably, there is a greater demand for the services of hairdressers ad barbers these days.”

“The reason is that people are afraid that instead of 10 or even 15 days we will be forced to remain closed for at least a month. The demand is definitely higher than normal.”

Vakia Ioannidou of the Cyprus Beauticians Association told Philenews there is increased demand, indeed, but for specific services only – such as pedicures and manicures.

“I believe that visits for facials have decreased, but, in view of the imminent measures visits for manicures and pedicures are on the rise,” she said.

“Of course, one who belongs to the vulnerable groups avoids all services. This was evident throughout the pandemic time. People are scared to go to a beauty salon,” she added.


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