NewsWorldGreece: Use of masks extended to all retail stores, pharmacies, hair salons

Greece: Use of masks extended to all retail stores, pharmacies, hair salons

The government extended the obligatory use of masks to all retail stores including libraries, massage and tattoo parlours as was published on Wednesday in the Government Gazette.

As part of measures to prevent corona virus infections, locations where masks are now officially obligatory include supermarkets, pharmacies, offices in the private and public sector that serve the public, and elevators.

The regulation also includes wholesale stores that sell industrial goods such as paints, metal products, wood products, garden decorations and such, malls and outlets.

An exception is made for hair salons, barber shops and beauty centres, but only when involving facial treatments.

Failure to comply carries a €150 fine, applicable both to store owners and to customers.
The decision is in effect from Wednesday until August 31.

The obligatory use of masks for all civil sector services working with the public were also highlighted in a circular by Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos, based on recommendations of the National Commission for the Protection of Public Health to limit the spread of novel corona virus infections.

The minister said that both state staff and members of the public had to wear masks, and added that public services should protect vulnerable staffers by providing them with back office duties.

Meawhile, Development & Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis and Secretary General Panagiotis Staboulidis met with Giorgos Christidis, president of FiberTex textile company, to discuss the production of masks in Greece.

FiberTex is planning a new investment in Corinth, with production capacity of 10 million masks per month.

The ministry continues to register the stock of medical and health supplies on its online platform, and it also runs the e-katanalotis site (, where consumers may compare prices of goods.


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