Eat & Drink Larnaca Great specialty coffee spots in Cyprus to start your day

Great specialty coffee spots in Cyprus to start your day

Whether you are a connoisseur and with every sip you can rate the sweetness, bitterness, richness, balance and aroma of a coffee or a person who just drinks coffee to wake up, you will appreciate the culture of specialty coffee.

According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), coffee which scores 80 points or above on a 100-point scale is graded “specialty.”

We found five great specialty coffee spots and present them to you.


Bearing the signature of chef Pericles Roussounides, this new fast-casual, all-day spot offers high-quality coffees and food. Using the freshly-grounded Taf coffee beans, produced by one of the most well-known and awarded Greek companies, Gohealthyetc’s staff treat us to warm (or cold) coffees from morning until night.

A relaxed but also elegant space, Gohealthyetc wants to counter the unhealthy fast-food culture, offering many delicious healthy snacks, which we can combine with our coffee. Upstairs, there is a nice, quiet floor for reading, writing and studying.

22744744, Diogenous 1, Engomi, Nicosia, Monday-Saturday 07:00-21:00

A Kxoffee Project

A Kxoffee Project, created by Christos Soteriou and Maria Flouri in Nicosia is a truly unique art deco hangout. They won customers over with their passion for good coffee and the beautiful setting with warm colours in wood, blue and white, reminding you of a  chic minimal London coffee shop. The in house roaster, a massive machine where they roast the coffee, is a prominent feature here. Coffee beans come from selected farms with quality control, which give coffee its unique aroma and flavour.

Coffee espresso is the main factor for all coffee served at the A Kxoffee project, while at their brew bar the origins and character of each coffee will determine whether it will be prepared on the Chemex, the V60, the Aeropress, using cold drip, etc. Options for food include the granola bar, freshly baked croissants, homemade pies and bagels. Before you leave, get yourself a bag of beans and a grinder to make coffee at home.

99 559 776, 29D Pindarou, Nicosia, Monday-Saturday 07:30-20:30

Southcoast Specialty Coffee

This cute cafe has been around for a year now at Mackenzie beach and has already become our spot. It really has everything: starting from the especially delicious coffee, to the great Icelab Gelateria ice creams, the unbelievable Chocoland sweets and most importantly: The fact that inside the cafe there is a shining-clean playground for the kids. Also, the sea is just around the corner. What more can one ask for?

24656647, Mackenzie Beach, Larnaca, Monday-Sunday 08:00-23:00

Uluwatu Specialty Coffees

Meticulously decorated but with an effortless cool vibe, Uluwatu, located in the heart of Limassol, welcomes all those who love and appreciate quality coffee, which arrives freshly roasted every week from London.

Apart from mesmerizing coffee, Uluwatu’s other strong point is definitely the homemade artisan gelato, as the café has become famous for offering a wide variety of heavenly ice cream popsicles with edible flowers on them- all of which are made with bio-milk.

Anexartisias 10, Limassol, 25222191, Monday-Friday: 8:10-19:10, Wednesday: 8:10-17:00, Saturday- Sunday: 8:30-21:00

Deloubak Espresso Cuisine Co.

A new and absolutely beautiful place opened in Paphos last year, right there at the market as you follow the smell of coffee and find yourself in front of Deloubak Espresso Cuisine Co. This is where coffee takes centre stage. Imported coffee beans from plantations in Indonesia, Honduras, Guatemala and Bolivia are freshly grinded here, each time and for each order. This is an incredible place with an industrial-chic look inside a revitalised building from the 1940’s. You can claim your resting spot in one of the comfy chairs and enjoy one of many coffee blends while listening to lounge music, mainly jazz and blues.

The list is endless, including espresso, cappuccino, Americano, caramel macchiato and iced roasted hazelnut latte. You will also find milkshakes and smoothies made with yogurt or fresh orange juice. You can also have a few bites, such as mini cheese pies, French pastries, sandwiches, muffins and American cookies. Before you leave you can stock up on accessories, such as hot ciders for your Cypriot coffee and specialty coffee filters. Open daily from 7am until 11pm (until midnight Friday and Saturday).

23 Thermopylon Street, Paphos, 99 850 576/ 96 534 511, Monday-Thursday 08:00-22:30, Friday-Saturday 08:00-23:00, Sunday 09:00-22:00

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