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Government thinking of extending Covid-19 measures

The government is most likely considering an extension of the current measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 during the cabinet meeting on Thursday.

The Cyprus News Agency has learnt that the current measures will be extended for a further two weeks and will be reviewed in conjunction with the number of cases in the coming days. The current measures expire on 8 November.

The Cabinet will point out that the need to continue taking all necessary action to avoid a deterioration of the situation following the sharp increase in cases on Monday and the presence of the Delta Plus variant.

The Ministry of Health is concerned about a possible worsening of the epidemiological indicators and an increase in hospitalisations and for this reason any decision must take into consideration the winter season and the anticipated rise in seasonal infections, as well as the situation in Europe and the re-introduction of restrictive measures in some countries.

A Ministry of Health source told CNA that the presence of Delta Plus, which is more transmissible than the Delta variant, is increasing concern for a new outbreak of the pandemic, which many European countries are already facing.

However, the likelihood of a general lockdown is very remote and is not in the government plans, the source told CNA, noting that such a scenario is extreme due to the high vaccination rate on the island.

However, as we progress into winter and a possible deterioration of the epidemiological situation, a new lockdown cannot be ruled out, the source added.

According to figures by October 29, 79.8% (572,768 people) of the adult population had been fully vaccinated, while 82.2% (588,118 people) had received the first dose.

In addition, the 16-17 age group, a total of 39.9% (7,543 people) were fully vaccinated. The first dose was administered to 42.3% (8,000 people) from this age group.

A total of 26.2% (9,505 people) in the 12-15 age group were fully vaccinated, and 28.6% (10,351 people) received the first dose.
A 66.4% of the population was fully vaccinated, which corresponds to 589,816 people, while the third dose was received by 39,850 citizens.

Nearly 100 thousand citizens have been vaccinated at Walk-In centres.

Meanwhile, it was announced that bedridden citizens can receive the booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine at home.

The Ministry announced that those who were vaccinated at home during the initial phase of the vaccination plan and are still bedridden will be able, if they wish, to receive the booster dose at their homes. Those eligible should complete a Consent Form and present it along with the identity cards and the initial vaccination card on the day of their vaccination.

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