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Government labour force marginally up in October

The government labour force was marginally up this October compared to October 2017, data released by the Cyprus Statistical Service, on Monday, show.

In particular, according to the data the number of people who are employed by the government increased by 56 or 0.1% compared to October last year reaching 51,670.

It is further noted that the number of permanent staff fell by 710 people or 2%.

At the same time, casual staff increased by 4.8% reaching 16,579 people compared to 15,813 in October 2017.

This October saw an increase in all the categories of government labour force except in hourly paid workers.

The greatest increase is recorded in category security forces (0.8%) in which the casual staff is increased by 7.8% (249 persons).

On a monthly basis, staff working in the education sector increased by 4.5% or 578 people and of civil service by 0.1% or 17 people. In addition, staff in the security forces staff dropped by -0.7% or 85 people and hourly paid workers decreased by 0.9% or 76 persons.

Casual staff in the civil service was up by 5.6% or 310 people in October this year compared to October 2017 reaching 5,830 people while an increase of 3% or 161 people was also observed in temporary staff working in the security forces, reaching 5,453.

The number of temporary hourly paid workers was up this October by 2.5% or 46 people on an annual basis, reaching 1,865 people.

(Cyprus News Agency)

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