InsiderEconomyGovernment employment by category: March 2020

Government employment by category: March 2020

In March 2020 total government employment increased by 616 persons (1.2%) in comparison to the corresponding month of 2019 and reached 5.712 persons, Cystat said on Monday

Permanent staff decreased by 675 persons (-2,.4%), from 28.420 to 27.745 persons. Casual staff increased by 7.8% and reached 16,506 persons compared to 15,312 persons in March 2019.

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Compared to March 2019 there is an increase of staff in all personnel categories except Civil Service, with the largest observed in Education (2.6%) and more specifically in the number of casual staff which increased by 15.3% (599 persons). Compared to February 2020, an increase is observed in all the categories except Security Forces, with the largest increase in the casual staff of Civil Service (2,4%).

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