Golden CompaniesΚΕΟ: Almost a century of leading identity

ΚΕΟ: Almost a century of leading identity

Following the Asia Minor disaster, the Hellenic Society of Wines and Spirits (EEOO), operating a number of wineries across Greece, decided to expand its operations to Cyprus by buying a Pera Pedi winery (an 1890 building), thus establishing KEOO (Cypriot Company and Spirits) on February 15, 1927.

New facilities were constructed, the winery was equipped with the latest machinery of the time and staffed with experienced personnel. The company took its first steps.

From the mid 1930 to the 1950s, the company was trying to juggle between heavy export dependence on the British market and the anti-colonial struggle, culminating in the 1955-59 liberation movement. The rest is history!

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