Plan Your Trip Accommodation Get to know Cyprus by walking safely

Get to know Cyprus by walking safely

For your walk to be both pleasant and safe you must prepare yourself appropriately:
Before choosing your route you need to assess your abilities and make sure that you are healthy and in good physical shape. It is preferable to walk with others and not alone so that you have help in case of an accident.
Choose a walking pace that suits all the members of your group. At the beginning of your route it is advisable to walk slowly until you and your friends can determine what pace you prefer.
Do not stray from the sign-posted route. By following the sign posted route you are less likely to get lost or to find yourself in a situation
that you cannot handle.
The appropriate equipment and suitable clothing are necessary for a comfortable and enjoyable walk. In areas with a high altitude
the weather can change suddenly and it is important to be well prepared.
• Choose the appropriate clothing and shoes.
• Make sure you have plenty of drinking water with you.
• If you will be walking after sunset, make sure you are equipped with a torch.
In case of an accident, remain calm. Make sure you pack a First Aid kit with you before your begin your walk. Ask for help from other walkers. Look for the closest forest or police station.
The mountains and nature are for all to enjoy:
• It is illegal to light a fire at any time of the year.
• Do not smoke while walking.
• Do not litter.
• Do not pick flowers or plants. Preserving the flora is our responsibility. There are many flowers and plants that are near extinction.
• Do not bother any animals or insects you may encounter throughout your hike.
• Respect the ecosystem; you are an integral part of it.
• Make sure you have plastic bags with you to dispose of and remove your litter.
• Walkers who wish to bring their pets must have them on a leash so that they do not bother or frighten other walkers. You must also have
plastic bags with you in order to pick up after your pets.
If you require overnight accommodation, make sure you do the appropriate research and book in advance.
The Cyprus Tourism Organisation’s website has a lot of useful information. Camping is only allowed in official camping sites. Consult the Forestry Department’s website to find official camping sites where you may spend the night.

The Akamas Forest is a Natura 2000 site.

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