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Game service imposes €4,500 fine for hare traps

The Game Service said on Sunday that it had imposed a €4,500 out of court fine on a poacher who had placed six wire traps in order to catch hares.

In an post on its Facebook page, the Game Services said that game wardens had spotted the six traps in the area of of Ayios Kononas in the Akamas. They staked out the area so as to catch the person who had installed them.

At around 8.10 on Sunday morning, a man approached the traps to check them and was arrested by the game wardens who took him to Polis Chrysochous police station where he was fined.

The Game Service said that this kind of poaching is considered “invisible” as it is very difficult to spot because it does not leave traces after it is used, makes no noise, is usually used in areas where there is little movement of people and can be particularly damaging to the hare population of the area if not quickly spotted.

(Photo from the Game Service Facebook page)

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