NewsLocalGame Service: Hunting dog training resumes on Monday

Game Service: Hunting dog training resumes on Monday

The Game Service has announced that the training and exercise of hunting dogs in the countryside will be permitted from Monday under the following conditions:

  1. Compulsory sending of SMS
  2. For a reasonable amount of time
  3. After 6 am. Curfew starts at 10 pm.
  4. Maximum of two people in each car, each of whom must have sent an SMS and have an ID and hunting permit with them
  5. If the dogs are at premises other than those of the owner, the owners must take their dogs without coming into contact with people in the other premises
  6. All other rules relating to dog training apply
  7. All other conditions relating to decrees to contain the spread of coronavirus apply
  8. The above apply for other activities in the countryside such as collecting capers etc


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