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Fruit and vegetable prices soar ahead of festive season

Strong demand for local fruit and vegetables combined with the bad weather have led to an increase in prices in recent weeks, while they are expected to increase even more during Christmas and New Year’s.

President of the Cyprus Association of Green Grocers, Polykarpos Kattasis, told Phileleftheros that the reason behind the increase in prices is that producers cannot meet demand, while weather conditions have affected production.

For example, Cypriot apples have disappeared from the market due to hail storms, thus stores now have to import apples from abroad in higher prices.

The only thing that cannot be justified, according to Kattasis, is the price of potatoes which cost over a euro per kilo. “It is unacceptable for a potato-producing country, with one of the tastiest potatoes in the Mediterranean to have such high prices for potatoes in the market.”

One of the products that has seen the largest price increase compared to last year are greenhouse cucumbers. Specifically, in 2017 greenhouse cucumbers cost €0.25 per kilo, while this year a kilo costs €1.50. Also, courgettes cost €4 per kilo, while in 2017 a kilo cost €0.50. Potato prices have doubled from €0.70 to €1.30 per kilo.

Product Price per kg (2017) Price per kg (2018)
Tomatoes 0.80 0.90
Greenhouse Cucumbers 0.25 1.50
Field Cucumbers 1.00 2.00
Black Aubergines 1.80 2.30
Green Beans 2.80 3.30
White Beans 4.50 6.50
Courgettes 0.50 3.80
Cauliflower 0.50 1.40
Cabbage 0.80 0.70
Carrots 1.00 1.30
Broccoli 0.60 2.20
Taro 1.30 2.50
Poulles 2.00 2.80
Artichoke (piece) 2.00 2.50
Artichoke (kilo) 3.00 4.00
Green Peppers 1.30 2.50
Hot Peppers 3.00 4.50
Potatoes 0.70 1.30
Onions 0.60 0.80
Tangerines 1.30 1.30
Clementines 1.30 1,30
Lemons 0.60 0.60
Merlin Oranges 1.30 1.30
Broad Beans 4.50 5.50
Avocado 2.00 2.50
Bananas 0.70 0.70
Strawberries 500gr 3.50 3.70


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