News Local From heatwave to isolated showers and storms over 3 days

From heatwave to isolated showers and storms over 3 days


The persistent heatwave of the past two weeks is expected to give way to the possibility of isolated showers and storms today, mostly in the afternoon and through to the evening.

Temperatures inland will rise to no more than 35, with 33 in southern and eastern coastal regions, 31 in northern coastal areas, 29 in the west and 27 over the mountains.

According to the met office, overcast skies in the west, north and over the mountains will likely bring isolated showers and later in the day, isolated showers and/or storms in northern and eastern regions.

Winds will be mainly westerly to southwesterly, moderate to strong, force four to five and in the afternoon, strong force five to six in south, southwesterly and eastern areas, over moderate seas.

Fine skies initially this evening, but turning increasingly overcast in western and northern areas as well as over the mountains, likely to bring isolated light showers. Winds will be westerly to southwesterly, light to moderate force three to four and in certain areas, moderate force four.

Seas will be slight in southern and eastern coastal regions and moderate in the rest of the coastal areas. Temperatures will drop around 21 degrees Celsius inland, 22 in southern and eastern coastal regions, 23 in the west and north and 15 over the mountains.

The pattern of isolated showers will continue tomorrow, mainly across the west and north, as well as the mountains, with isolated showers and possibly a storm in the north and east from noon onwards.

Tuesday and Wednesday are predicted to follow with similar conditions, as isolated showers are expected over the 2nd part of the day, with temperatures on Tuesday remaining the same, but in some areas dropping lower than expected for this time of year.

Wednesday will see a rise in temperatures over the August average.

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