in-cyprus"Friends for Oscars": charity performance live from London at Satiriko theatre

“Friends for Oscars”: charity performance live from London at Satiriko theatre

A hilarious comedy revolving around the lives of two couples and a most dynamic mother in law living in South London in the year 2021.

Chris is a part time plumber, his wife Jenny is full time a nurse, Tom is a teacher of Art, his wife Samantha is an unemployed hairdresser whilst Mrs Saunders (007), is a dynamic, wealthy and most experienced divorcee.

With so many more comic characters such as Roger the bouncer, Olga the famous poet, Akel the greatest pizza delivery man, Hobson the crazy butler and others, it is a comedy packed with laughter and in some parts, even suspense ! As they all somehow end up heading for Oscars, the message is one …

Nothing is impossible, just take it as it comes!


When November 24-26 at 8pm
December 12 (online streaming) at 8pm
Where Nicosia Satiriko Theatre
Tickets: €15
Duration: 105’
Language: English
Suitable for Ages: 15+

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