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Forestry Department in warning over infestation of eucalyptus trees

The Forestry Department said on Friday that eucalyptus trees in many parts of Cyprus, particularly in river beds,  have been infested by  Glycaspis brimblecombei — red gum lerp psyllid.

Native to Australia, the Glycaspis brimblecombei appeared in Europe in 2013 and was first observed in Cyprus in 2015.

Damage caused includes leaf discoloration and, in heavy infestations, severe defoliation. Infested trees are susceptible
to attacks by secondary pests.

The Forestry Department said that although the infestation does not kill the trees, it results in reduced tree health and also affects their appearance.

It warned that the infestation leads to  waxy secretions, honeydew and sooty mould and the public is urged to avoid sitting under infested trees. The problem is expected to gradually recede as from next month.

To deal with the problem, the public should call 22805571.

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