Eat & DrinkLimassolFood of Paradise: explore Hawaiian cuisine at Pokéloha

Food of Paradise: explore Hawaiian cuisine at Pokéloha

Anyone is up to exquisite Hawaiian food? Yes, authentic Hawaiian food in Limassol!

The new trend in global gastronomy, which has already obtained fanatical fans, comes from the exotic Pacific Islands. It is sometimes referred as “food of paradise” and you can trust that! These fresh, tasty, and so healthy bowls will make you totally addicted from the first bites!

Poké (pronounced poh-kay) is a very popular Hawaiian dish derived from the word meaning ‘to slice’. Simple yet savoury, sushi-grade fish is cubed, seasoned with flavourful sauces and mixed with tasty toppings. Create your own bowl & enjoy fresh exotic flavours! Adaptations may feature raw salmon or various shellfish as a main ingredient served raw with the common poke seasonings.

Clients “assemble” each of those simple, bright and so enjoyable bowls, choosing ingredients they prefer.

Start from the base: it can be either rice, quinoa or salad leaves

Add the protein part in a form of raw fish, chicken or tofu

Season with any sauce of your choice

Mix with vegetables and fruits

Spread with nuts.

Aside from an  incredible taste and low calories, your food is extremely photogenic and oh, so instagramable: #pokebowl

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