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Food for National Guard ends up in trash

Large quantities of food bought through catering, and which tax-paying citizens are paying, are rejected by the National Guard.

According to information of Phileleftheros, there are also photos proving this but are not released due to fear of punishment. According to the same references by soldiers, food also cooked by the National Guard also ends up in the trash.

It is worth noting that just for the military camps of Larnaca and the largest part of Nicosia, the state spends every year 3 million euros for catering. The two districts constitute 30% of the total of soldiers, so based on that 10% of the food rejected (even though the percentage is bigger according to the information) it means that food worth 1 million euros a year is being thrown out.

The Defense Ministry admitted that in the past large quantities of food were thrown out but noted that since the program through catering began, this phenomenon tends to disappear.

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