News Local Fight broke out after burglary in Larnaca store between owners and suspects

Fight broke out after burglary in Larnaca store between owners and suspects

Police arrested two people on Saturday, in connection with an attempted burglary case in Larnaca.

The incident happened around 6 pm after noon, when a 33-year-old woman broke in a Larnaca store and allegedly stole a purse and a mobile phone that belonged to the owner of the store.

The owners of the store – a man and a woman – saw the suspect trying to flee, chased her down and managed to catch her in a nearby area.

According to philenews, while the male owner of the store was holding the suspect, a 36-year-old-man rushed to the scene and attacked him, punching him and shouting at him to let the suspect go.

The 33-year-old woman also attacked the female owner of the store.

Police arrived at the scene and arrested the 33-year-old woman. The 36-year-old-man tried to escape but he was later spotted in a nearby area.

The female suspect confessed to the burglary while being interviewed by Larnaca police while the 36-year-old man is denying any involvement in the case.

Both suspects are currently under arrest.

Police are continuing investigations.

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