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February 15 is the deadline for import of cars from UK under pre-Brexit rules

The Department of Road Transport on Tuesday reminded that February 15 is the deadline for the import of cars in Cyprus from the United Kingdom under pre-Brexit rules.

And that, after this date, rules will apply on which vehicles and from which categories these can be imported to Cyprus.

“Due to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, regulation provisions concerning vehicles that come from third countries (non-EU members) will also apply for vehicles coming from the UK,” the announcement said.

The UK’s exit from the EU Customs Union now means that cars of any age and mileage will owe VAT upon import.

Excise tax was abolished a few years ago, that is, a one-time tax paid upon clearance of the car and calculated relative to the car’s engine size and C02 emissions).

That’s how Cypriot customers had been able to import second-hand UK cars cheaply and easily.

The new deal, however, has avoided a worst-case scenario of imports owing both 19 per cent VAT and 10 per cent duty.

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