in-cyprusYear-round pictures that show the beauty of Troodos

Year-round pictures that show the beauty of Troodos

Troodos is not only beautiful when covered with snow although given Cyprus’  long, scorching hot summers seeing Troodos dressed in white never fails to draw in the crowds.

Troodos is popular these days, not just with skiers but excursionists who want to enjoy the snow and children eager to build a snowman.

But Troodos also has much to offer the rest of the year, be is for picnics, camping, cycling, climbing, hiking or just relaxing.

The mountain air is always refreshing and clean, and there is green all around to rest the eye. If you get lucky, you may even see  mouflon wandering around.  The UNESCO Churches which are scattered in the mountains and the picturesque small villages complete a beautiful and magical scenery.



 Panagia Podithou in Galata



Photos by the Facebook  Group Landscapes of Cyprus

Praxia Aresti

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