Trozena Bridge

Trozena bridge is located at the abandoned village of Trozena in Limassol district. The house of village are all ruined but the landscape is beautiful. The village is near the Diarizos valley, created by the Diarizos rives which passes through the area. In the valley there is an old metal bridge named by the village.

The old, metal bridge, is a “miracle” of modern engineering. Its purpose was to connect the village with the western area of the Diarizos’ Valley. It is built from iron and wood. The lack of kamares gives you the impression that you are standing on air. If you are afraid of heights don’t try to pass through the bridge. Although the bridge is old it is very safe and it can carry up to 8 tones at a time.

The area underneath the bridge is covered with platanoi and temithoi.

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