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Picnic in Cyprus

In the State Forests there are 40 picnic sites with a total capacity of about 23000 persons and are managed by the Forestry Department. They provide all the basic facilities for daily excursions like barbecues, drinking water, tables and washrooms. All the sites provide facilities also for persons who use wheelchairs.

  1. Timi, Pafos
    Timi – Pafos Airport road. 1 km before the Airport in the coastal eucalyptus forest
  2. Pykni, Pafos
    Pegeia – Kathikas road, 3 km from Pegeia and 6 km from Kathikas, in the Pegeia state forest.
  3. Smigies, Pafos
    Polis Chrysochous – Neo Chorio – Akamas road, 7 km from Polis and 2 km from Neo Chorio next to the dirt road leading to Akamas forest
  4. Mavralis, Pafos
    Polis Chrysochous – Agia Marina road, 4 km from Polis, next to the main road on the coast
  5. Agios Merkourios, Pafos
    Polis Chrysochous – Stavros tis Psokas road through Lysos, 20 km from Polis and 4 km from Aftoullina locality, site street to the left, on the forest road leading to Agios Merkourios. There is also access through Argaka and Gialia towards Agios Merkourios.
  6. Gefiri tou Livadiou, Pafos
    Pomos – Stavros Psokas, forest road, 12 km from Pomos near the road.
  7. Kalonomati, Lefkosia
    Orkontas – Pyrgos Tillirias road, 25 km from Orkontas or the old Kampos – Potamos Kampou road, 8 km from Kampos village.
  8. Stavros tis Psokas, Pafos
    At the Stavros Psokas forest station about 20 km from Lysos or Kannaviou and 26 km from Kykko Monastery.
  9. Agia, Pafos
    Panagia – Stavros Psokas forest road, 21 km from Panagia and 10 km from Stavros Psokas.
  10. Monashilaka, Pafos
    Panagia – Kykkos road 2 km from Panαgia and 40 km from Kykkos Monastery
  11. Pera Vasa, Pafos
    Agios Nikolaos – Djelefou bridge road, 9 km from Agios Nikolaos village after Djelefu bridge and the Arminou dam.
  12. Komititzi, Lefkosia – Forest road from Pedoulas – Kykkos road after the Xistarouda picnic site 5 km from Xystarouda or 10 km from Kykkos monastery through Milikouri village towards Kaminaria to the right of the road in Platy valley
  13. Xystarouda, Lefkosia
    Pedoulas – Kykkos road 9 km from Pedoulas, next to the road.
  14. Xerargaka, Lefkosia
    Astromeritis – Kalopanagiotis road and site road on the left before Orkontas, 25 km from Astromeritis.
  15. Marathos, Lefkosia
    Kakopetria – Prodromos road, 7 km from Kakopetria and 6 km from Prodromos towards Kakopetria through Pinewood, next to the road
  16. Prodromos Dam, Lemesos
    Troodos Square – Prodromos, 5 km from Troodos Square and site road to the left towards Prodromos Dam
  17. Kampi tou Kalogirou, Lemesos
    Platres – Prodromos road, 4 km from Trooditissa and 3 km from Prodromos, next to the road
  18. Trooditissa Xerokolymbos, Lemesos
    Platres – Prodromos road, 6 km from Platres to the right of the road before Trooditissa Monastery.
  19. Kampos tou Livadiou, Lemesos
    Kakopetria – Troodos road, 8 km from Karvounas and 2 km before Troodos Square and dirt path to the right of the road
  20. Armyroleivadon, Lemesos
    Kakopetria – Troodos road, 7.5 km from Karvounas and 2.5 km before Troodos square in a site street on the left shortly before Leivadi tou Ppachia.
  21. Leivadi tou Ppachia, Lemesos
    Kakopetria – Troodos road, 7.7 km from Karvounas in a site road on the right of the road, 2.3 km before Troodos square
  22. Platania, Lefkosia
    Kakopetria – Troodos road, 6 km from Kakopetria towards Troodos, on the right and left of the road, near Platania forest station
  23. Argolachania(Mesa Potamos), Lemesos
    Saittas – Mesa Potamos Monastery forest road, 7 km from Saittas and site road to the left before the Monastery. Also access through P. Platres, K. Amiantos and Moniatis through forest roads.
  24. Agia Paraskevi, Lemesos
    Limassol – Kalo Chorio – Agros road, 3 km from Gerasa crossroad, to the left of the road, 3 km before Kalo Chorio.
  25. Kakomallis, Lemesos
    Louvaras – Kakomallis road, 6 km south of Louvaras village, next to Kakomallis forest station.
  26. Polemidia, Lemesos
    National Forest Park of Polemidia, 6 km from the centre of Limassol.
  27. Kionia, Nicosia
    Kapedes – Macheras Monastery road and 1 km before the Monastery to the left towards Kionia, 6 km from Macheras Monastery and 14 km from Kapedes.
  28. Profitis Ilias, Lefkosia
    Lythrodontas – Vavatsinia road through Macheras forest, 8 km from Lythrodontas next to Profitis Ilias Monastery.
  29. Mantra tou Kampiou, Lefkosia
    Kapedes – Macheras Monastery road, 5 km from Kapedes on either side of the road.
  30. Gefyri tis Panagias, Lefkosia
    Peristerona Morfou – Platanistasa road, 9 km from Peristerona and Mitsero – Platanistasa road, 6 km from Mitsero, opposite the forest station of Gefyri tis PanAgias
  31. Xyliatos Dam, Lefkosia
    Peristerona Morfou – Xyliatos – Lagoudera road, 17 km from Peristerona through Xiliatos and side road to the right of the road beneath Xyliatos dam
  32. Kapoura, Lefkosia
    Vyzakia – Kannavia road, 9 km from Vyzakia and site road to the left, next to Kapouras forest station
  33. Asinou, Lefkosia
    Astromeritis – Nikitari – Asinou road, 2km from Nikitari village, next to the road and before the church at Asinou.
  34. Academy, Lefkosia
    6 km from the centre of Nicosia in the National Forest Park of the Pedagogical Academy
  35. Agios Georgios, Lefkosia
    7 km from the centre of Nicosia in the National Forest Park of Athalassa
  36. Athalassa, Lefkosia – 8 km from the centre of Nicosia in the National Forest Park of Athalassa and 500 m from Latsia
  37. Kornos, Larnaka – Nicosia – Kornos – Limassol highway, 2 km after Kornos to the right of the road (Exit 11)
  38. Rizoelia, Larnaka
    1 km from Aradippou village, west of the Nicosia – Larnaca highway, in the Rizoelia National Forest Park.
  39. Agios Antonios, Ammochostos
    4 km from Sotira village (in Agios Antonios Chapel) and 8 km from the Xylophagou – Agia Napa highway, exit F322.
  40. Agioi Anargyroi, Ammochostos
    8 km from Agia Napa towards SOMERA station, first side road to the left near the Agioi Anargyroi Chapel in the National Forest Park of Cavo Greco.Notes: At Polemidia, Asinou, Athalassa, and Academy no lighting of fire is allowed, only cooked meal.
    At Agios Georgios there is no drinking water

Courtesy of the MOA

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