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Petra tou Romiou National Forest Park

It is part of the Randi State Forest. It is on the main Pafos – Lemesos road, 10 km far from the city of Pafos. A development project has been pursued for this park and it is already underway.

Main object:
To provide opportunities for recreation and sports and to improve the area aesthetically.

Recreation Facilities:
1. Picnic area
2. Children’s playground
3. Nature trail
4. Sports trail
5. Cycling track
6. Look out points

Rare plants as well as a large number or orchids create natural habitats with special characteristics and uniqueness.

There are species such as the hare (Lepus europaeus), the partridge (Alectoris chukar),
ravens, seagulls , various small birds and reptiles.

Inquiries: Pafos Divisional Forest Officer, tel.22942746, Parks Officer , tel.22805533


Courtesy of the MOA

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