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Herbs and Spices of Cyprus

In Cyprus exist more than 600 different types of spices and herbs.
Herbs and spices are important for the locals thourghout history. They are not only used for food preparation but also for medical purposes.
These are the most known herbs and spices of Cyprus, found scattered in the mountains and valleys. Next time you’ ll be hiking in Cyprus you will see and recognise them. Perhaps you could take some back home with you.

Anise – ‘Glikanisos’

Basil – ‘Vasilikos’

Bay leaves – ‘Dafni’

Calendula – ‘Kalendula’

Camomile – ‘Hamomili’

Coriander – ‘Koliandros’

Fennel – ‘Marathos’

Lavender – ‘Levanta’

Lemon Verbena – ‘Alouiza’

Marjoram – ‘Mantzourana’

Mint (Peppermint/Spearmint) – ‘Diosmos’

Nettle – ‘Tsouknida’

Oregano – ‘Rigani’

Rosemary – ‘Dentrolivano’

Sage – ‘Spatzia’

Sambucus – ‘Zamboukos’

Sideritis – ‘Mountain Tea’

Thyme – ‘Thimari’

Valerian – ‘Valeriana’

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