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4 Venetian bridges in Cyprus that will leave you breathless

Roudia Venetian Bridge

Roudia Bridge although is one of the most beautiful venetian bridges in Cyprus, it is rarely mentioned in tourist guides. Most people know and visit the Treis Elies Bridge and Tzielefos Bridge. Maybe because is more difficult to get their.

Roudia Bridge is located near the Pera Vasa Picnic Site on the road to Mylikouri and Pano Panagia at the District of Paphos. It is not far away from the well known Tzielefos Bridge. There is a sign close to the bridge.

Beneath the bridge Xeros River is passing thourgh and a blanket of roots from old trees. The area is rich in plain trees, alder trees and pine trees.

Roudia Bridge is part of the Natural Trail that connects the three venetian bridges of Paphos. It was built during the Venetian period and the name “roudia” comes from a bush which was important for the venetian trade.

Milia Bridge

Milia Bridge is located 2km away from Platres Village (Troodos area) on the road to Pera Pedi Village. It is built during the medieval times in order to connect Kryos Potamos with the two villages. You can get there on foot, by bike or by car. A natural trail is passing through the area.

The bridge of Mylos

Mylos Bridge connects the villages of Treis Elies and Kaminaria located at the Marathasa valley. Under the bridge the Mylos river is flowing. The bridge itself is a semi-cycle, one-arch stone bridge which was built by the Venetians during the medieval times as a part of the road from Paphos to Morphou. Near the Mylos bridges there is the well kwown Treis Elies bridge and the ruins of Saint Andronikos Chapel.

A linear trail passes through the village that starts from Treis Elies and ends at Orpolis. Although it is quite hard to find, the area of the bridge offers a beautiful place to sit back enjoy the nature and relax.

Orkonta Bridge

The Orkonta Venetian Bridge it is located at the village of Orkonta in the Marathasa Valley. It connects the riverfronts of the Setrahos River and it was built by the Venetians.


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