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Wellness in Cyprus

Cyprus has also in recent years emerged as one of the Mediterranean’s leading spa destinations thanks to the world-class facilities available at the island’s resorts.

Here, pampering has been raised to an art form and spa services and rejuvenating treatments—either as part of a package or a la carte, add a wonderful dimension to any holiday.

Current facilities offer spa experience that can last from a few hours at an urban day spa to a few weeks at a health resort where a whole range of treatment, exercise and special diet are on the menu.

Wellness holidays can take place at wonderfully preserved historical spaces, or at state-of-the-art well-being centres.

The spars provide holistic wellness using the broadest range of popular techniques for the mind, body and soul including mineral spas, which make use of the natural qualities of thermal springs with healing properties, as well as hydrotherapy centres where the properties of water are used for therapeutic purposes.

The island also offers thalassotherapy centres where use is made of the natural properties of sea water and its products including mud and seaweed.

Recuperating after surgery on a sandy beach which sipping local drinks and receiving a full-body massage is an attractive and affordable option in Cyprus.

Corporate pampering:

Corporate pampering is certainly an option for all executives, whether as a corporate spa gift for an employee or client, a relaxing spa treat is appreciated all the year round.

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