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Treasuring your health in Cyprus

Travellers have been coming to Cyprus to be treated by Cypriot doctors since 9500 BC  including Apollodoros of Kition, Synesis the Cypriot– who was mentioned by Aristotle– as was Apollonios of Kition who was also known as the Cypriot Hippocrates.
Standards remain high today so, next time you need some health care, think about combining it with a holiday in Cyprus. The island has experienced and highly qualified doctors trained in Europe or the USA, and modern medical centres with ER facilities, all at cost effective prices.
Add to that a destination that is convenient to get to from both Europe and the Middle East, a healthy climate and Mediterranean diet and what more do you want?

In Cyprus you can have all your medical needs met and medical standards are high. From annual checkups, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, physiotherapy, kidney dialysis, cardiac care, dental and surgical procedures to infertility treatment, the island offers health care holidays in a cheaper clime. And then there’s the convenience factor. In Cyprus it is quite possible for you to book an operation the day after you arrive. Same day appointments are the norm and you could see an astounding range of specialists either in a single centre or within a short drive away from each other. Distances on the island are small and everything is near at hand. Nor will you have to wait too long for the results of your tests.

A considerable number of clinical laboratories offer a vast range of diagnostic tests both routine and specialised with speedy results. And afterwards you can look forward to recuperating in beautiful serene surroundings or touring the country and enjoying its many attractions and endless possibilities for activities. So whether you are contemplating a check-up or a major procedure, Cyprus is the best balm for you.

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