News Local Eurostat: Cyprus wine exports at €2.57m, imports at €25.6m in 2018

Eurostat: Cyprus wine exports at €2.57m, imports at €25.6m in 2018

Cyprus exported about €2.57m of wine and imported €25.6m in 2018,  only a drop compared to €22.7 billion of wine exported and €13.4 billion imported by EU member states overall.

Publishing the figures on Thursday, Eurostat said that as wine lovers celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau Day (November 21) this was an appropriate time to look at the latest data on the major wine exporters and importers in the European Union .

In 2018, the sold production of wine (including sparkling wine, port and grape must) in the EU was around 15 billion litres. The largest wine producers were Italy, Spain and France, followed by Portugal, Germany and Hungary.

Top exporter: France

In 2018, the EU Member States exported €22.7 billion of wine. Over half of this wine was exported to countries outside of the EU (€11.6 b, or 51% of the total wine exports), mainly to the United States (€3.8 b, or 33% of extra-EU exports), followed by Switzerland (€1.0 b, 9%), China (€1.0 b, 8%), Canada (€0.9 b, 8%), Japan and Hong Kong (both €0.8 b, 7%).

France was by far the top exporter of wine, with extra-EU exports worth €5.4 b in 2018, representing 47% of the EU Member States’ extra-EU exports of wine. It was followed by Italy (€3.1 b, 26%) and Spain (€1.2 b, 10%).

Cyprus’ exports were €2.57 m  of which €1.969 outside the EU and €504,779 to EU member states. Most of Cyprus’ wine imports which totalled €25.6 m were from the EU — €24.07 m and only €1.55 m were from non-EU states.

Top importer: The United Kingdom

Looking at the import flows, the EU Member States imported a total of €13.4 b of wine in 2018. Only 20% of this came from non-EU countries, notably from Chile (€0.6 b, 22% of extra-EU imports), Australia (€0.45 b, 17%), the United States (€0.43 b, 16%), South Africa (€0.4 b, 15%) and New Zealand (€0.37 b, 14%).

Among the EU Member States, the largest importer of wine was the United Kingdom (€1.2 b, or 47% of the EU Member States’ extra-EU imports), followed by Germany (€0.3 b, 11%), the Netherlands (€0.2 b, 9%) and France (€0.2 b, 8%).

  • Production data: The sampling frame of the survey includes all enterprises, authorities and organisations that carry out any target industrial activity and have 20 employees or more.
  • Trade data: Due to quasi-transit trade, the adding of intra-EU trade and extra-EU trade may lead to double counting. An example of this would be wine imported from Chile via the Netherlands, where it is cleared by customs for free circulation, before being dispatched to the United Kingdom. This would lead to the same wine being counted as an import by both the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. More precisely, it would appear in the Netherlands’ extra-EU imports from Chile and intra-EU exports to the United Kingdom and in the United Kingdom’s intra-EU imports from the Netherlands.




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