NewsLocalEurostat: Cypriots had lowest frequency of doctors' visits in EU in 2017

Eurostat: Cypriots had lowest frequency of doctors’ visits in EU in 2017

People in Cyprus consulted their doctors fewer times than their counterparts in other EU Member States according to 2017 statistics published by Eurostat on Thursday.

Eurostat said that among EU, there is a wide range in the frequency with which medical doctors are consulted.

In Cyprus and Sweden, people consulted physicians, on average, less than 3.0 times during 2017, with the average number of consultations generally ranging between 4.3 and 10.0 in most EU Member States.

The highest frequencies for consulting physicians were recorded in Slovakia and Hungary, where the average during 2017 was 10.9 consultations per person.

Statistics on the average number of consultations that people have with a physician include consultations at the physician’s office, in the patient’s home, or in out-patient departments of hospitals or ambulatory health care centres. These figures exclude consultations/visits during a treatment as part of in-patient or day care patient care in a hospital or similar institution.

The source dataset can be found here.

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